Time management – secret revealed

Time cannot be stopped.

Time cannot be reversed.

Time cannot be manipulated.

And Time cannot be managed.

Wait. What? There are the words “Time Management – secrets revealed” in the title!!

Yes, There are the words “Time Management” in the title. Before you feel outraged at being tricked, let me explain.

Time is a made up construct by us humans, we did it just to help keep track of the sun’s cycles around the Earth.

Sun’s cycles around the earth? Ok, now you have completely gone off the reservation.

Yes, when the early humans agreed on the concept of time when they agreed to base it on the day and night cycles. The prevailing belief was that the earth was the centre of the universe and the Sun revolved around the earth. Now we know that is not true.

We have since been trying to ‘Make the best of our days.’  ‘Increasing productivity’ by doing more in a given 24 hours. Trying to “beat the clock”  trying to manage time, thinking and believing that therein lies the key to success.

We have all bought into this myth. At the time of this writing, there were 34,216 books on time management available on Amazon (and that is just in English)

So what is the secret that I have to reveal?

Instead of struggling to manage time, shift your focus to ‘Managing your Priorities’. The important stuff. The stuff that matters.

You can do that, can’t you?

You get to decide what is important to you, you decide what gives your life meaning, you decide where you get the most bang for your buck. You get to pick the things you find most rewarding. The activities at work that give the maximum return on effort.

You will have to do some work to get clear on what your priorities are. Figure out where you get the maximum ROI. Then using a calendar schedule time for these important activities. When you shift your focus from managing time to managing priorities you will accomplish more and experience less stress.

Bonus tip: Do not multitask. It has been proven to be ineffective.

There are clear strategies and tools to fast-track this process, these tools work even if you are not yet clear on what priorities you should consider. I have a system. My system has worked for hundreds of very busy and stressed people. People who reported feeling stretched thin and not being able to cope.

You can always create your own system, do it yourself if you please. But should you really waste your time reinventing the wheel?

I can help you, I can help you get your life back on track and you feeling “large and in-charge”

Let’s do this together. I can make smooth, stress-free and very rewarding for you.

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Then go seize the day.

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