Corporate leaders and business owners have different views of the world. They are responsible for growing the top line and the bottom line, for driving employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

While navigating the ever-changing business environment. And then there is the matter of pursuing a balanced and fulfilling life.

Here are customized coaching solutions for senior executives, entrepreneurs, and high-value individuals.

Presentation Skills

When you are ready, I will help you
Uncover or re-ignite your passion.
Craft your message.
Create a powerful presentation and
Choreograph a compelling presentation that wins over the audience’s hearts and minds.

Please contact me when ready to leverage the very best practices in influence, hypnotic presentations, and charisma.

Advanced Leadership Skills

When you are ready, I will help you to
Lead and inspire individuals and teams to get the best out of them.
Communicate in the most effective way with direct reports and teams
Motivate and reward in ways that are meaningful and inspiring on an individual level.
Groom future leaders from within the ranks

Please contact me to leverage the best practices in Leadership and team management today.

Advanced Communication and Covert Influence

Advanced Communication and Covert Influence training is a culmination of 30+ years of research and development in this area. The pieces of training are designed for Industry leaders, Corporate executives, and senior-level sales leaders. These will help you

Develop a powerful, charismatic, compelling, and authoritative presence.
Get your message across with ease and finesse
Negotiate to win and direct people’s actions.
Engage a mass audience at a moment’s notice with ease and flair.
Present a carefully choreographed presentation to other influential leaders and make it seem spontaneous, authentic, and effortless.

This is not for everyone and is made available to a select few ready to make the commitment of time, effort, and resources.

Here is a glimpse of what we will accomplish
Discover how you are perceived
Discover, showcase and play to your natural strengths.
Master and use body language and speaking to build rapport, elicit trust and win support
Proven methods for speaking with ease to any size group
Ways to enhance your charisma and become likable to any diverse group
Managing your own state and nerves so they propel you forward
Incorporating advanced NLP language patterns, open loops, and hypnotic language to bypass the critical faculty and gain access to anyone’s subconscious mind.
Quickly gain insight into someone’s thoughts and inner motivations.
Master your voice: tonality, speed, pitch for maximum impact
Preparation techniques for guaranteed success
Actions for gaining trust and establishing authority status

Please contact me to bring these advanced skills training to you and your team

Advanced Presentation Skills

In meetings and conferences, we have all seen this person stand there and read off the words on their boring PowerPoint presentation. All the while the rest of the room is checking email or taking a power nap. Frequently, power users (or their staff) will try to liven things up by adding transitions and graphics to their slide deck. But as we all know these tricks are akin to decorating a cow pie with whipped cream, they stink.

How about you deliver a crisp, powerful, and engaging presentation that leaves the audience touched moved, and inspired?
Advanced Presentation skills training will prepare you how to create and deliver a crisp, powerful and engaging presentation that leaves the audience touched moved, and inspired each and every time.
Learn how to capture the minds and imaginations of internal and external clients.
Learn to communicate and negotiate from a position of power and trump the competition.
Learn to leverage the latest in brain science and human behavior and become a master presenter with or without the aid of elaborate props and technology.

Please contact me to elevate your presentation skills and effectiveness to an art form.