Team building events and retreats

 My corporate retreats and team-building exercises online (as well as offline) are exceptional in quality and content. The events are fun, inspirational, and educational and the participants experience breakthroughs in communication, trust, teamwork, and camaraderie. We conduct carefully crafted and selected experiences and exercises that are physically invigorating, challenging, and exciting. Fire walks, Glass walking, ropes courses, and many other mind-blowing activities that seemly defy laws of physics and human endurance serve as a platform to bring together a group and foster a team spirit as few other things can. Advanced ontological, psychological, and philosophical concepts are leveraged to generate results that may otherwise take years to achieve. Please email us to make your next corporate retreat an event to remember.

Advanced Team Sales Training:

Sales: the true lifeblood of any organization. An exceptional product or an outstanding service is very good to have and can help your company be successful. History shows us that an average product or service if presented and sold well, consistently, will astound you with the returns it generates.
Effective sales are a part technique and part art form. It can be learned and we teach it. This program takes professional salespeople who have some experience and have achieved some success and turns them into mega producers. We teach them how to
Be recognized as an authority in their field
Be the go-to source in their area
Have prospects chase them down for business
Build instant rapport with anyone
Have the skills to help guide the client’s decisions
Become a master of covert influence
Create compelling offerings that address the clients’ ‘real’ needs
Create a wide client base
Generate unlimited referrals

Please contact me to start the process of building a dynamic sales team