How to get a promotion at work and how to get a raise?

So you got yourself a job. Congratulations! You have been working hard and have learned the ropes. Well done.

Now you start to wonder when you will get a promotion? Because let’s face it, you know your job like the back of your hand, and there are things you know even better than your colleagues and may be even better than your manager.

But it doesn’t appear that you’re going to be automatically offered a new position?

There are ways to request a promotion diplomatically and there are steps you can take now to enhance your chances for promotion and a raise.

Here’s how.

Tips and advice on how to get promoted at work.

Just like anything else you have to know the rules of the game.

Here are some of the factors employers consider when evaluating employees for a promotion or a raise.

Do a Great Job.

How you perform in your current position is going to be an important factor when you’re considered for a promotion. Excellent performance reviews and your reputation as an above-average employee will carry a lot of weight when the company is making such decisions. One sure fire way is to take ownership of your work, take pride in what you do and do it well. heck, do it better than anyone else.

Be a Team Player.

Volunteer to help with new projects in the office. Volunteer for committees or task forces. Offer to help your boss and co-workers whenever time permits. You’ll be known as a team player and an individual that colleagues want to work with. Get to know all there is to know about your line of business. Become known as the go to guy/gal for uncommon knowledge about your company. This is not to say that you gossip or breach any privacy or ethics rules. Keep it clean and above board.

Don’t Miss Work.

Be on time for work and don’t take more time off than you are allocated. If you’re known as a slacker or someone who misses more work than is appropriate, it will be held against you. Develop the habit to get in early rather than stay late at work. All high performers are early risers and check in early as well.

Network and Get Noticed.

Attend company parties and gatherings. The more connected and engaged you are with your colleagues, the more they will know about you and the more you’ll stand out when it comes time to consider you for a promotion. Managers are more likely to promote an employee they know well than someone who is a loner and they don’t know much about. Watch your manners and never get drunk with colleagues. Avoid fraternizing at your work place.

Upgrade your skills.

If your company offers opportunities for professional development classes, take advantage of as many as you can. If your skills need updating or advancing, take continuing education or college classes. Learn your companies ERP and CRM software systems and become proficient in it. If you haven’t yet, master the Microsoft Office suite, (or other productivity software your company may use) learn it in a hurry. there are plenty of free resources available. This way, your skills will be current and you will stay relevant.

Maintain a positive and healthy attitude.

Project a positive and energetic image of yourself. While some people indulge in gossip, rumor mongering and bad-mouthing the company or other people. Refrain from participating in such activities.  No one likes a lazy whiner or a brown noser. Communicate clearly your lack of desire to indulge in idle chit chat.

Let your intention be known.

When appropriate let you manager know that you are interested in rising up in the company. Ask your manager and other mentors in the company what you should focus on and improve upon to earn a promotion. Then do it.

While all this may seem overwhelming, it really is not. It is just a matter of conditioning your self mentally. You will succeed, you have no to go but rise up.

Final note, dress for success (and smell good too).

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